Peronne 17 May 2015

Last Saturday Peronne was scheduled. It quickly became apparent Saturday that there were no opportunities to solve. Hence it was postponed to Sunday and Sunday was good pigeons again. The pigeons were released at 08.15 and the first hour was there 12.40 hour. The distance for us was 390 km, so that the speed of the first pigeon released on 88 km per hour. They came again superb. Within 5 minutes we had already 12 and with 8 minutes he had Reeds 19. We started this time with the 3e, 4e, 5e etc.. in our association. We had this time 26 in the price of the total 35 basketed pigeons (See results). Toch weer een prijs percentage van bijna 75%. Furthermore, we were very pleased with our yearlings. In the first 5 pigeons were 4 yearlings at.

We now have 6 had flights and a total of these flights we have in total 233 pigeons basketed. Of these, there 145 price flown. Thus, so far, on average at a rate percentage of 62% We are very happy also because we play this year 22 yearlings from the maximum 40 basketed pigeons.

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