Peronne 14 May 2016

Last Saturday the pigeons were released in Peronne. With a strong NW wind and a temperature that was on the low side, it would not be easy for them. The pigeons were released at 08.00 hour. We were there 30 basketed, 28 hens and 2 doffers. The hens have to be raced every week and because the cocks are not performing as we would like, we left most of them at home.. Just like last week it was the hen 14-1570479 die 1e came flying in and she was clocked 13.08,57. We had almost 5 waiting for minutes for the next one but when it arrived the next ones came one after the other. This time we again had the 2e in the Association. Next we had the 7e, 8e, 10e, 11e etc.. From 1e this time it was for Vincent Bonnes again. In total we had 19 of the 30 in the price, a good percentage of 63%. The designated pigeons arrived a little later than usual this time, but were still included in the prize. (See results) We are well aware of this in the various positions 6 flee. (5 speed 1 midfond) In de kring 2 of our department 9 we are even in 1st place in the General Championship unnominated. This at approx 325 lovers. Maar zoals al vaker gezegd, we zitten nog maar aan het begin en de mooie en belangrijkste vluchten van dit jaar moeten nog komen. Het is nu zaak om dit vol te houden met de oude duiven tot aan eind Juli, nog een dikke 2 maand dus. We will see.

Aanstaand weekend hebben we weer een Vitesse vlucht vanuit Duffel.

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