Nanteuil the Haudouin

Saturday 12 September already the last young pigeon flight of this season. The youngsters came off very well in recent weeks and they did not abandon us on the last flight.

This time we didn't have everything with us anymore. We had entered most of the hens and a number of cocks. In total 19. We had to wait a while until the views were good and around 08,45 hours they were unloaded in Nanteuil, over a distance of 463 km. Still quite a distance for the youngsters.

This time, just like the previous weeks the wind was in the West corner and then the first ones go with a big one 90 km per hour home. In general, they come back super, wind diagonally in the back, often good weather, with a fresh west wind.

We had calculated that we were around for a very early pigeon 13.43 hours had to sit. If then exactly also on 13.43 from 1e duif komt aangevlogen dan weet je dat het goed zit. again the 20-1176002 was er als eerste. Later in het hok zagen we waarom ze zo vroeg was. Ze wou haar territorium verdedigen en daar was ze alweer mee bezig. Op Boxmeer vloog deze 20-1176002 ook al de 1e van het hele Rayon tegen 3.222 pigeons, op Dizy le Gross vloog ze een 4e against 1327 duiven in het Rayon en nu wederom een 1e against 785 pigeons. Dat zijn nog eens prijzen.

De overige duiven kwamen ook goed terug, we hadden dit keer een heel fraai prijs percentage van 79% (15 / 19) En alle 19 duiven waren zo terug (See results).

We hebben dit jaar een goed seizoen gehad met jonge duiven. We hebben er nu exact 40 over gehouden. Een hele kleine selectie nog maar daar kunnen toch mooi 35 van in het vlieghok voor volgend jaar. Een schitterende aanvulling in het vlieghok, van goede bevlogen jonge duiven.

We had already become champions of the Rayon on the Vitesse and as the positions are now, we are also with the youngsters 1e won both the non-nominated and nominated championship in the District. But more information about the championships later this year.

And now rest for the pigeons and for ourselves and ensure that we get through the autumn and winter well.


Saturday 5 September already the penultimate flight of this season for the youngsters. This time unloading place Morlincourt over a distance of 414 km.

Release was over 10.30 hour and a west wind was blowing. We had done everything again and there were this time 37. From 1e Pigeon we have clocked 15.18,56, it was the 20-1176071, a hen that was brooding nicely on her eggs. These kind of pigeons have just a little more motivation to come home quickly. From 2e pigeon is clocked to 15.20,15. With this 2 pigeons we had the 2e in 3e place in the association (See results). This time the 1e place to A.. Olde Riekerink. Albert congratulations.

The pigeons came off well again, the distance is of course already starting to count and then it is nice that they get home well. The prize percentage was this time 41% (15/37)

This weekend the last youngsters flight from Nanteuil. We will no longer be basketing everything, probably half, it has already been good for the other half.

Until next week.

Dizy le Gros

Saturday 29 augustus 2020 from 5e young bird race of the season.

This time, Dizy le Gros was scheduled for release over a distance of 368 km. We had all pigeons (41) basketed.
On Saturday morning the weather was not good at the unloading site. Cloudy with poor visibility. Slowly it cleared up and it was okay 11.15 hours to be unloaded.
The wind was SW again, so the speed would be high again. Again above the 100 km.

About 14.53,17 we have ours 1e clocked, again the 20-1176002, this one already is 3 turn it 1e been in the loft. On the 2e in 3e pigeon we had to wait a while but after that they came off reasonably well. We had the 2e from our association and beyond 7 pigeons in the first 20. The number of prizes was again good, 23 of the 41 pigeons were included in the prize. A good percentage of 56%. (See results)

This weekend they will go to Morlincourt, another fat one 414 km.

Good luck all.


Saturday 22 August Quievrain was scheduled. We had all 43 boy basked.

Fortunately, the weather was good this time and the pigeons were able to change early 7.45 be unloaded. The speed would be high, more than 100 km per hour, a strong SW wind was blowing.

We would be around for an early pigeon 10.30 hours, but unfortunately that did not work. The first 2 pigeons had probably already flown a bit too far, they were already coming from the back. About 10.34,48 was our 1e pigeon clocked, this was again the 20-1176002, this pigeon had on the 1e flight from Boxmeer already one 1e flown in the district against 3.222 pigeons. From 2e and the following pigeons came off very well. Within 10 minutes na de 1e pigeon were already there 24 of the 43 basketed pigeons. Then it dripped nicely.

We had this time 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e in 10 of our association (See results). Vincent Bonnes had this time 1 t/m 4 of our association. Vincent congratulations, well done.

In the district we had 29 pigeons in the price, a very nice percentage of almost 68%, and that with young pigeons. We just didn't have a head pigeon but otherwise a very good result.

This weekend the pigeons will go to Dizy le Gross, a beautiful release point in the north of France.

Good luck all with the preparations and see you next week.


Saturday 15 August was the 4e young bird race on the program. After a week of rest due to the incredibly hot days we had last weekend.

We had all 48 youngsters basketed again, 26 doffers in 22 hens. We separated them from each other last week so that hopefully training at home will be a bit better.

The whole week it had been incredibly hot, but it would cool down slightly on Saturday. If you look at the sky on Saturday morning, it does not bode well. Cloudy with a watery sun and very bad views. Completely gray in the sky. At that moment you already know that it will be a very bad pigeon day. Unloading had to wait because the views were not yet good. eventually 11.15 hour they were released.

We had to change for an early pigeon 14.15 sitting hours. If then to 14.42 from 1e pigeon arrives, it does not bode well. The pigeons returned very slowly. Normally, one arrives every minute, now it was every 10 minutes. In the evening, slightly more than half of the pigeons had returned. Fortunately, a whole bunch of them were added on Sunday morning so that we eventually 42 of the 48 have been returned.

In the result we had the 3e, 4e 8e, 9e in 10 of the association (See results). Not bad in itself, but that is no longer important at all. This time the honor went to Messrs Bekkedam and Blockhuis who won the 1e won the prize. John and Martin proficient.

Fortunately the pigeons were in good condition and apparently they had not suffered too much, That is why we basketed them again on Monday evening for a training flight to Kalkar on the natoer.

Tuesday morning it was super pigeon weather, wonderfully fresh, beautiful skies and then they will be right back. All 42 pigeons were at home in no time and picked up the rhythm of flying again.

Until next week.

Beek en Donk

Saturday 1 August again 3e young pigeon flight. Time flies.

The unloading place would be Tilburg, but due to the expected SE wind and heat, the department has decided to come a little closer and to unload again in Beek en Donk.
This time we had 49 basketed. It has been discharged to 09.00 hour.

There were a number of enthusiasts to visit us and they saw the 1e pigeon come flying. Unfortunately it flew another round and then sat on the roof of the loft. It therefore took a while before she went over the antenna and was detected. All in all, almost a minute wasted because of this, but that is also pigeon sport. They must be identified. From 2e in 3e pigeon came quickly behind, also the 4e t/m 8 pigeon were there smoothly. There were afternoons 47 of the 49 basketed pigeons back home.

In the association we had the 1e place, also the 4e, 5e in 8e price were for our pigeons. Next we had 8 pigeons in the first 15 in the association (See results). All in all, a great achievement.

The prices were quickly divided, with about 10 minutes the prices were there and so is 25 percent of the pigeons already at home.

We now have 3 had flights for youngsters and they went satisfactorily.

The weather will be warm to very hot in the coming weeks, 30 plus a week with SE wind. We are curious what the department does with this. It is already expected that the old pigeons will start basketing from Thursday to Friday. The distance will therefore be shortened. Maybe the youngsters will be canceled. We will see and wait.

Until next week.

Dizy le Gros

This weekend there was also a middle distance flight to Dizy le Gros.

We had basketed almost all our old pigeons for this, namely 69, namely 31 doffers in 38 hens.

These were unloaded at 07.45 hours also with a SW wind over a distance of 368 km. These pigeons came off great, we had given them a week of rest last weekend because there is no speed, middle distance flight was.

The first on this flight even came with a speed of more than 110 km to home base.

On this flight we had the 1e, 2e in 3e of the association. Again it was the 17-1741506 who was the first to go over the antennas. This was the umpteenth top prize of this hen. Next we had 12 pigeons in the first 18 in the association and beyond 23 at the first 35 in the association (See results). We brought a lot of pigeons but they also came off great.

The old pigeons have one more middle distance flight to fly and then it is over for these pigeons. We'll see whether we will still play the late races.

This weekend a flight with youngsters from Tilburg. Hopefully the heat and SE wind will be fine. The latest predictions are slightly more favorable in that regard, a little less warm and a wind that turns to the west. We will see what it will be.

Good luck all.

Beek en Donk

Saturday 25 juli de 2e youngsters flight. This time 50 basketed.

The solution was 07.30 hour. Just in time with a south west wind.

Also this time the pigeons came off well. From 1e pigeon even at a speed of over 100 km per hour. Within half an hour after the 1e he what, more than half had already returned. Even after that it dripped nicely so that eventually in the afternoon 49 of the 50 basketed pigeons were back.

In the association we had the 3e, 8e and 9th pigeon with also 8 pigeons in the first 15. Vincent Bonnes had from 1e in 2e place in society (See results)

Furthermore, we had more than half in the price, 52% namely 26 of the 50.

The mass of the pigeons is in the west of the department, and then you do not come with this kind of short flights and a SW wind.

All in all, we are very satisfied with how the young pigeon season has progressed so far. Fortunately few losses and pigeons are doing well.


Saturday 18 juni the 1e young pigeon flight. A discharge of CC4 and CC5 from Boxmeer over a distance of 104 km.

We started training our youngsters at the end of May. This was accompanied by ups and downs. Nevertheless, we can speak of a fairly successful preparation. Despite the coli troubles we still have them 8 times can train. We started on 1 km and eventually several times at about 35 km. At the beginning we had there 62 and we could start on Saturday with 52. So all in all 10 pigeons lost on training.

The weather forecast was good. Saturday morning the visibility was not really good and was happy and therefore we waited until the unloading 10.45 hour. At that time, white clouds also appeared in the sky and the temperature was good, not too warm yet.

We were curious how it would go, it is always exciting on the 1e flight with young pigeons. About 11.56 hour came 1e approached and it went down quite quickly and was immediately found on 11.56,45, it was a blue hen, from 20-1176002. A beautiful early pigeon. From 2e came quite smoothly and it was found on 11.57,25. We had hoped that large groups of pigeons arrived, but that was not the case. Nevertheless, they came off pretty well. Almost one every minute. Within fifteen minutes there were already 20 and it went on nicely after that. Ultimately 50 of the 52 basketed pigeons returned. We are certainly satisfied with that.

When drawing up the results, it turned out that our 1e pigeon was a nice early one. She eventually became 1e in both the association as well 1e in the Rayon of 8 associations against exact 3.200 pigeons. A very good performance (see club results). Also the price percentage for this 1e flight we were satisfied with, namely 37% (19 / 52)

All in all a successful one 1e flight with young pigeons, but this is just the beginning. More flights are coming and hopefully they will continue to do well and more importantly all come back.

This weekend again a middle distance race, on this we participate almost all old pigeons, almost 70 pieces, and further the 2e young pigeons flee from Beek en Donk. This will be a discharge from the entire North of the department. The spread will then immediately become very wide, but hopefully our pigeons will find their way back home.

Good luck all and until next week.