Niergnies 18 juli 2015

Saturday 18 July it was already the last middle distance flight this year. This time we were there 19 basketed. It was for us a perfect end to the season with the old birds. We were there in the circle 16 in the price. (84%) They were also really super. We had in the Association 2e, 3e, 4e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e and further 12 at the first 17 (See results). Also in the interplay and Kring 2 our Department 9 we had many early birds. Now the files are formatted it shows we 1e have become the middle distance in the Association and the Samenspel. Furthermore, we have the best pigeon on the middle distance, from 13-1766106, in our Society, Teamwork, Around 2 and even in our middle distance club of our Department 9 is the 13-1766106 by location 1. Great.

Now the Sprint and Middle Distance is over, we are also in the upper echelons of the Speed ​​Championship of our department 9. The youngsters also count on them still there and that is where we are now full on target.

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