Niergnies 13 augustus 2016

Last Saturday the pigeons were released in Niergnies. A distance from us 356 km. We were there 8 basketed. This time they came fairly smoothly for the first time this year. They were to 11.00 hours unloaded and the first was registered at 14.53,17. We had this time 3e in 6e place of the Association. Click here for the results. Even though things aren't really going as it should with the boy, we're still on the 1e place in the Association and on the 3e place in the district. Trying to hold on a little longer. Vincent Bonnes follows a very short distance from us.

Tuesday 16 In August there was also a training flight for the upcoming Natoer. We had basketed everything that could fly. And that means 22 old cocks, 22 old hens and 25 youngsters. Finally this went old-fashioned again. Came super fast and very smoothly one after the other. An hour after the first, all 69 pigeons back in the loft. With this squad, about 60 pieces we will send a.s. starting the natour on Saturday and trying to set up a nice series. We will see.

Until next week!

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