Nanteuil the Haudouin

Saturday 12 September already the last young pigeon flight of this season. The youngsters came off very well in recent weeks and they did not abandon us on the last flight.

This time we didn't have everything with us anymore. We had entered most of the hens and a number of cocks. In total 19. We had to wait a while until the views were good and around 08,45 hours they were unloaded in Nanteuil, over a distance of 463 km. Still quite a distance for the youngsters.

This time, just like the previous weeks the wind was in the West corner and then the first ones go with a big one 90 km per hour home. In general, they come back super, wind diagonally in the back, often good weather, with a fresh west wind.

We had calculated that we were around for a very early pigeon 13.43 hours had to sit. If then exactly also on 13.43 from 1e pigeon comes flying in then you know it's all right. again the 20-1176002 got there first. Later in the loft we saw why she was so early. She wanted to defend her territory and she was doing that again. It flew at Boxmeer 20-1176002 even though the 1e of the entire Rayon 3.222 pigeons, she flew one at Dizy le Gross 4e against 1327 pigeons in the Rayon and now one again 1e against 785 pigeons. Those are prizes.

The other pigeons also returned well, this time we had a very nice price percentage of 79% (15 / 19) And all 19 pigeons were right back (See results).

We had a good season with youngsters this year. We've got exactly right now 40 left over. A very small selection, but it can still be beautiful 35 of in the racing loft for next year. A wonderful addition to the racing loft, of good, passionate youngsters.

We had already become champions of the Rayon on the Vitesse and as the positions are now, we are also with the youngsters 1e won both the non-nominated and nominated championship in the District. But more information about the championships later this year.

And now rest for the pigeons and for ourselves and ensure that we get through the autumn and winter well.

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