Saturday 3 juni the 3e this year's middle distance race from Nanteuil over a distance of 463 km.

Just like last week we only basketed the hens and there were this time 19. As has been the case all year round, the wind is again from the NE. That means for a flight of 463 km that the first pigeons are about 7 hours flying over. In other words, a very tough middle distance flight.

From 1e pigeon came to us 14.32,46 and this time it was the 20-1176071 (litter sister of the 20-1176070 the one last week 1e of the association flew) This one 2 pigeons have the past 3 many top prizes flown this year. As 2e dove it was 21-1598225 which can also be found early in the results in recent weeks. Then the pigeons came back reasonably well from such a tough flight.

In the association we had the 3e in 5e place. (See results). From 1e in 2e prize went to the Comb this time. Old Lashof. Reed and Frans congratulations.

Next week for the umpteenth time this year a NE wind so that we only basket on the Vitesse flight. As it is now, it will be shortened from 328 km to 261 km and the unloading place will be Marche. The one-day long distance flight is also shortened slightly, but to basket pigeons for that is going to be crazy for our pigeons.

For all enthusiasts, enjoy the nice weather and see you next week.

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