Saturday 10 September Troyes was on the program as the last young pigeons flight of this year. This flight only counted in the section for the young pigeons championship. Championships have already been distributed in the association and the district.

Because the pigeons didn't come back super last week, we only have them this week 7 picked to play on this last flight. This one 7 pigeons were still fairly good in the prizes last week.

On Saturday the weather was bad in Belgium and Northern France and therefore it was quickly decided to postpone the flight to Sunday. Saturday evening it was already decided to transport the pigeons from Troyes to Nanteuil. There the prospects for unloading for Sunday were better than in Troyes. On Sunday there was also thick fog at first, but in the end it was possible 12.20 hours to be unloaded in Nanteuil.

Nanteuil is for us 460 km and then with a changeable wind that would mean that the pigeons were back home by evening. This time we had to wait a long time before we had a pigeon back. About 19.25,09 was this pigeon clocked. Almost an hour after the first pigeons from other fanciers were home. This was the only pigeon that came back on Sunday. On Monday there were still 5 so that eventually there 6 of the 7 have come back.

In the result was 1 pigeon from us can be found (See results). This time the victory went to Vincent Bonnes, who got the pigeons back super. Vincent congratulations.

It's over for this year. We had a very good season with many victories and beautiful series of early pigeons. The pigeons can now rest and have to make sure they get through the moult well.

The various final positions will be posted in a while.

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