Saturday 29 mei de 2e Middle distance race of that season from Nanteuil over a distance of 463 km. Finally the weather forecast was good. However, with an N-wind and already a distance of 463 km it would be a tough flight.

It could be nice 08.00 hours and the departure of the pigeons was good. The first pigeons would be there about 6,5 hours flying over. Then they're already hanging in the air for a good time.

This time it was our birthday hen 00-1176071 first on the loft. She was clocked at 14.34,15. It lasted 3 minutes before the 2e pigeon arrived. A 2 year old cock 19-1338340.The following pigeons came off reasonably well. You hope and expect that they will come together faster, but you also know that it is quite a distance and that there are therefore nice differences in arrival.

Vincent Bonnes had a very early pigeon this time, already at 14.22.22 clocked. In the end it turned out that this pigeon was the 3e of the entire department against 17.101 pigeons, a great performance. Vincent congratulations. We ourselves had the 2e, 4e, 9e in 10e of the association, and further 10 pigeons in the first 20 of the association (See results). The price percentage is also still good, 50% (19/38)

Next week the last sprint flight of this season from Quievrain.

Good luck all.

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