Nanteuil 4 June 2017

Saturday 3 June Nanteuil was scheduled. A flight middle distance with a distance of 463 km. We had this time 35 basketed. 21 hens and 14 doffers.

The weather forecast was not too good and that Saturday came from. The flight was postponed to Sunday. Sunday would be better and it is also good that they stand. All in all or 3 basket nights but that is unfortunately no different. For Vitesse / Middle distance pigeon this is basically far too long.

Because there was present at first cloud in north eastern France Sunday we had also to wait for unloading but 09.30 hour they went up.

For early birds, we had calculated we had around 14.50 sitting hours. Unfortunately this was not achieved but 14.54 hour came 1e swoops. again the 14-1570455, This hen was a number of times before early results. As 2e came the 16-1173600 yearling cock on 14.58 hours 3e was the hen 15-1331400. All 3 pigeons in the first 5 were designated so in that respect it was a normal flight or for us. The other birds were not great.

We had this time 3e, 7e in 11e of the association. Themselves decent but not good enough to score full marks in the results. (See results).

Hopefully this coming weekend a little better and we have several top pigeons but we will see it again Saturday. We baskets alone on the flight and Vitesse will be Quievrain.

Good luck all.

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