Saturday 30 juni the 6e middle distance race this season. Again heavy with NE winds and a best distance for a middle distance race of 463 km.

We had this time there 37 basketed, 16 doffers in 21 hens.

They were released on time and have to 7.00 hour. For early bird we had to 14.00 There have one hour, that did not work. About 14.07 came the 1e swoops. This time a two year old cock the 16-1173607.

From 2e Pigeon we had 5 minutes wait but then they came back together, really well back. With just over half an hour we had 21 of the 37 back. These are also all in the price. A very nice rate 57%

Next we had the 2e, 5e, 8e, 10 of the association, and further 10 pigeons in the first 19. A good result (Click here for the result). Our designated dove 15-1331400 came as 4e swoops and has taken the necessary points within the designated championship.

Next weekend there is no Vitesse- of Midfondvlucht, so we give the pigeons a week of rest.

However, the season starts with the youngsters. So far, that's great and we still 63. We've trained several times and they are well versed. We'll see how it goes Saturday.

Good luck all.

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