Saturday 29 June, there was a middle distance flight from Laon in the program. The predictions of the weather was not good. Exceptionally warm and O wind. On the advice of the NPO, the department decided to let the youngsters program not go. A good decision. The opinion of the NPO for the old pigeons were basketing the pigeons on Friday and to sit nearer. However, our department went there full by and we had to basketing on Thursdays and the distance was even longer instead of shorter. It was not 380 (Laon) but it was 415 Morlincourt. For us not quite understand, but hope it will be fine.


Saturday the pigeons were released on time, 06.30 hour, with the wind the first there would be about a small 6 hours do about, a very tough flight would be going.

About 12.21.31 was our 1e dove found, this time a yearling and called the 18-1552151. This was right on time. From 2e pigeon was again the 18-1552171 hen performing well every week.

Then the pigeons were not really good back and it took some minutes for another one that came to. In other lovers was the same or even much worse.

It dripped all afternoon and at the end of the afternoon there were 10 on the way, This we have not had before this season. Ultimately, there are 3 been forthcoming, Unfortunately, there was our old hen 18-1552181 also with, She was found a week for the results.

In retrospect, we believe no wise decision of the department to make such a heavy flight, unfortunately this is not reversible.

When drawing up the result we had in the Association 1e, 2e, 3e 7e in 8e and further 12 pigeons in the first 20 (See results). That was really good name but we still would have liked a slightly different vluchtje in this kind of weather. Shame often kept finishing the program fixed and is no longer considered in the interest of the pigeons and fanciers. The pigeon is already in trouble and then you do not have too many such flights.

This weekend flights from Tilburg for both young and old birds. We'll see what it gives back.

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