Saturday 27 August Morlincourt was on the program over a distance of 414 km.

Summer continues in the Netherlands and with the temperatures of the past few weeks with more than 30 degrees, the training of our young cocks became less and less. These pigeons train in the afternoon from 17.00 hours to 18.30 hour. The condition then deteriorates quickly and that's why we decided not to basket these anymore at Morlincourt. The hens were still training reasonably well, these are released in the morning from 8.00 hours to about 10.30 hour.

Because the prospects with an N-wind also promised a tough flight, we only have 10 hens selected with the hope of a nice result.

Saturday it was pretty good pigeon weather and they were released to 08.15 hour.

The speed of the first pigeons was around 70 km per hour. They would then be there 6 hours flying over.

About 14.31,41 was the 1e pigeon found with us, run after it 14.32,48 already the 2e dove. The other pigeons also came back very well. We had pretty fast 8 of the 10 pigeons detected.

From 1e pigeon of ours ended up on the 7e place in society, from 2e pigeon became 9e. The first 5 places in the association were this time for the Comb. Old Lashof. Frans and Riet congratulations on this super result from you. In the first 3 were also already 2 designated pigeons, so the points for this flight were in.

All 8 pigeons that we had found ended up nicely in the results (See results). We were called about this by the department with the announcement that we 1e in the entire department 9 had become as "Grandmaster in the Loft Achievement" There will be a beautiful story in the Track of the Champion.

We are also in good shape in the various positions with the youngsters as well as the speed championship in the entire Department 9.

Bierges is on the program next weekend. Both flights, both the youngsters and the late races are released in Bierges. As it stands now, we will participate on both flights but we will be on both flights approximately 10 playing hens. It has been good for the young cocks this year, they have had the necessary flights and can rest for this year.

Good luck everyone and see you next week.

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