Saturday 5 September already the penultimate flight of this season for the youngsters. This time unloading place Morlincourt over a distance of 414 km.

Release was over 10.30 hour and a west wind was blowing. We had done everything again and there were this time 37. From 1e Pigeon we have clocked 15.18,56, it was the 20-1176071, a hen that was brooding nicely on her eggs. These kind of pigeons have just a little more motivation to come home quickly. From 2e pigeon is clocked to 15.20,15. With this 2 pigeons we had the 2e in 3e place in the association (See results). This time the 1e place to A.. Olde Riekerink. Albert congratulations.

The pigeons came off well again, the distance is of course already starting to count and then it is nice that they get home well. The prize percentage was this time 41% (15/37)

This weekend the last youngsters flight from Nanteuil. We will no longer be basketing everything, probably half, it has already been good for the other half.

Until next week.

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