Mons 24 May 2015

Last Saturday was scheduled Quievrain. Once again the weather was bad and it was soon decided to postpone the flight to Sunday. The weather was good Sunday. Blue skies, occasional cloud and a wind from the west. All in all, good conditions for a good flight. Because there Sunday in Quievrain by the Belgians was discharged had to move our department to Mons, us for a distance of 297 km. The pigeons came well off. The first pigeon clocked an average speed of 85 km per hour. Within 6 minutes he had 15 home. The competition was fast again. This time we had in the association 1st, 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 8e, 9e etc.. met 15 pigeons in the first 28. So again a super rash.

This weekend the pigeons again in the middle distance and this time is Chalons en Champagne on the program. A nice distance 417 km. In general, the more beautiful distances. Good luck all.

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