Mons 20 september 2015

Sunday 20 September, the last race of this season. The pigeons were released in Mons. We had this time 11 basketed. Of this 11 flew 10 in the price. In the association we had the 3e, 4e, 5e 6e etc.. (See results). They ended the season nicely. All pigeons are rested and the next time will not be released.

The balance of the season can be made. We have this year 4 Parts played with. The racing season 2014 we have not surpassed but we can say that we have done it again excellent. In our Rayon we are yet again at all 4 components, Speed, Midfond, Jong en Natoer 1e Nominated Champion become. A great result. In onze kring 2 and our department we often stand in the upper echelons. Even in of Midfondclub of our department 9 we have 1e Middle distance pigeon.

Overall a good racing season, although with the youngsters even better but we need to work on. Hopefully there from next year what to notice. We will see.

The next time the necessary parties and ceremonies, and to 2016.

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