Saturday 12 August was released in Mettet over a distance of 278 km.

We were there 22 along and again a wind from the SW. Unfortunately, the flight was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, but that is no different. The liberation on Sunday was over 8.30 hour. The speed of the first pigeons would be around 100 lying miles per hour.

With us the 1e pigeon clocked at 11.28,26, from 2e dove 11.30,23 in the 3e dove 11.31,28. Here were already the 2 of the 3 designated pigeons, so the points for this flight were quickly received (See results).

For the first time this season with youngsters, all came 22 basketed pigeons at home. We are now finished with a number of pigeons that came back later 30 pigeons. We race these pigeons that come back later in the late tour.

Next weekend the predictions are not good for the youngsters. Very hot with temperatures above 30 like and further a SE wind. Always difficult to basket pigeons. Will it still be canceled by the NPO / Department? We'll see if we have a boy or not?

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