Friday 18 August Dizy was on the program. Fortunately, the unloading place was changed to Mettet because the weather forecast was not good. It would become very hot all at once and the wind would again blow from the SE for the umpteenth time.

You still hope that it will all work out, but if it takes too long for the 1e pigeon is there then you already know that it will be a difficult afternoon. The pigeons were released at 12.45 hours and the 1e pigeon was found with us at 17.14,20. Almost half an hour later than the first pigeon in our club (See results). Jos Luhen had the first this time 3 pigeons in the association. Good luck to Josh.

Fortunately, almost all pigeons have returned home and there are still a few flights on the program. We will still participate, but we will see which race we basket on a week. (jong / nature)

Next weekend the youngsters will go to Dizy le Gross over a distance of 368 km. Probably we will 10 join. The other pigeons then go on the late tour.

Good luck all.

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