Saturday 4 it may have been the 3e Sprint flight from Marche over a distance of 261 km.

We had 50 pigeons in competition and that 23 doffers in 27 hens. Unfortunately, the wind was SE again, so the pigeons entered the department from the west side, making it difficult to get the results early.. And if you also read on the department's website that the pigeons had a mediocre departure, then it will not be an easy flight for the pigeons. They were also released quite early 8.15 hour. The Marche unloading area is not really spacious to accommodate trucks (5*) standing almost next to each other to unload. And with plenty of space 25.000 pigeons released at the same time. As could be seen from the video of the unloading, there was also quite a lot of cloud cover at the unloading location, so there was no fresh open air, unfortunately.

The first pigeon was clocked at our house 11.24,28, this time it was the 4 year old hen 20-1176084. This hen is now also at the top of the pigeon championship in the association. She wins at least a number of top prizes every year and in total 10 prices per year. A great achievement from a 4-year-old hen.

After that the pigeons performed reasonably well, but not really well. It was now clear that the release was not good. Other enthusiasts sometimes had to wait fifteen minutes or even longer for the 2e dove. We were there within half an hour 27 back from the 50, a reasonable price percentage of 54% (See results)

In the association this time it was Koen Seiger who took the honors and won the 1e place ended up. A beautiful early pigeon that was born in the Rayon 6e conquered a place. Koen congratulations. well done.

This weekend the 1e middle distance flight from Dizy le Gross over a distance of 368 km. As the forecast is now, the wind will come from the North. That will be a completely different flight. Headwind and a speed of around 75 km per hour so that the first pigeons arrive 5 hours do about. Hopefully it won't be released too early. Wait until the mist has dissolved and then about an hour or so 9.00 hopefully a good departure.

Good luck to all with the preparations.

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