Saturday 8 July the last sprint race from Marche over a distance of 261 km.

We were there 29 and putted well 5 doffers in 24 hens.

Unfortunately the wind had shifted to the South East on Saturday. You know in advance that it will be another tough flight. The wind is wrong and the temperature is much too high. And so it went well. The pigeons did not fare particularly well. The speed that the pigeons reached was also much too low. Around the 75 km per hour.

We started this time with the 12e prize in the association and further de 14e in 16e. The number of prizes was quite good with 15 of the 29 in the price (See results).

Next weekend the last middle distance race from Dizy le Gros and after that it has been good for the old pigeons and they can rest. The young pigeon races also start next weekend. How that will go is still the question. Forecasts for Saturday another SE wind.

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