Saturday 24 June already the 6e sprint race of this season from Marche over a distance of 261 km.

This time 37 pigeons basketed, namely 13 doffers in 24 hens.

The solution was 08.00 hours and this time they had the wind with them. That is why the first pigeons flew 93 km. per hour.
Because the wind was behind them, they came off very well. From 1e pigeon was noted on 10.52,16, this time a cock and namely the 20-1176005, directly behind it again a cock the 21-1598206 who was clocked at 10.52,18.

About 11.00 hour, so 8 minutes after the first arrived, were already there 23 pigeons over the antenna. These pigeons were all in the prize.

This time was the 1e price for g. Heerink of our association. Also the 3e pigeon of the association belonged to him. Gerard congratulations.
Our pigeons achieved the 6e in 8e price of the association (See results)

Another middle distance flight next week.

Good luck with the preparations.


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