Saturday 10 June Charleville was on the program. A vitesse flight over 328 km. Fortunately, our department shortened this flight. Due to the ever strong NE wind, Marche was chosen as the unloading place. Marche is for us 261 km and we had 26 hens and 9 cocks basketed. In total 35 pigeons.

The good weather allowed them to be released on time. The release was therefore already over 07.00 hour. The pigeons had a good starting.
The first pigeons flew around the 70 km per hour. As a result, they would get to well half 11 arrive at us. And so it went.
First it was the 22-8162035 yearling hen who got better and better in recent weeks. She was clocked at 10.40.00. This hen is one 100% Schaerlaken's hen.
Second it was the 22- 8162059 yearling hen, she was clocked at 10.42,40. This hen is also one 100% Schaerlaken's hen.

Fortunately, these pigeons are now also proving themselves and hopefully we can benefit a lot from them in the coming years.
The pigeons came off very well afterwards, almost every minute one flew in.

In the association we had the 3e, 4e in 8e place with our pigeons (See results). Sat further 27 doves 35 in the price. A very attractive rate 77%

This weekend a middle distance race. Nanteuil was on the program but this has already been shortened to Dizy le Gross.


Until next week.

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