Saturday 6 May the race from Marche was on the program. One flight over 261 km from the south of Belgium.

We did everything one more time, these were there 58 namely 25 doffers in 33 hens. Next week, from 1e middle distance flight we probably do 50 with.

The wind direction was South this time. At the release a little SW but further on in the Netherlands very slightly SE. With this wind, the first pigeons would reach a speed of around 90 km per hour. The pigeons had trained well and expectations are high. About 9.00 hours the pigeons were released and they had a good departure.

For early pigeons we had to be a few minutes ahead 12 have pigeons and so it happened. About 11.53,15 was our 1e pigeon clocked, she came exactly from the right direction and turned a very small circle but went down like a spear. Judging by the reports from the other enthusiasts in our association, this was a super early pigeon. It was the 3-year-old hen 00-1176084 which wins a number of top prizes every year.

A good minute later was number 2 there too and the other pigeons came back well. Almost every minute one and sometimes several together. When making the results, our pigeon came on the spot 1 rightly so and after all associations had submitted the files, the 084 still in place 1. That meant a 1e place in our Rayon against more than 3200 pigeons. A super performance.

This time we had 33 of the 58 pigeons in the price, a good percentage of 57%. (See results)

A nice report is on our site CC Heart of Twente.

Next week 1e middle distance race from Dizy le Gross over a distance of 360 km. If the forecasts of the weather NO wind force 2 then it can be a nice flight.

See you next week and good luck everyone.

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