Who are we ?

René started racing pigeons and has been a member since 1984. In 1990 Peter has joined in and we went on together under the "User. van Langen ". They are both members of the "PV de Zwaluw" in Oldenzaal making out again in turn part of the Department 9 East Netherlands, with around 2.500 members are connected.

René is engaged with feeding every day, care and releasing pigeons. Peter takes care of cleaning the cages on Saturday, administration and training flights of pigeons. On the day of basketing together decided which go with it, and these are basketed. Furthermore, wear our parents Bernard and Hilda still a bit by during the day to let the boy go and run.

In 2011 We were 1st at the Preferred Speed ​​Championship in the Department 9. In 2012 we were 2nd at the Unassigned Speed ​​Championship in the Department 9. Speed ​​Championship consists of Vitesse, Youngsters and middle distance flights.

It is open to us all Vitesse, Midfond, Day long distance flights and Youngsters. We play with 27 racing couples and a few hens that are at the breeding cocks. We play the double widowhood flights on. This means that we are up 58 Pigeons can basketing. The first flights we play everything and slowly the number of pigeons that are less. In general, the females perform better than males. We play because we all like to see what all pigeons can perform. It is done by selecting at the end of the season, therefore, mainly for performance and thereafter from time to time on origin.

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