René is the younger of the two brothers fanatical and take the bulk of the care for his account. Before he goes to work, The pigeons are only fed and quickly glanced at the lofts. In the evenings he tries between 17.30 in 20.00 hours to make appointments so that he has the opportunity at this time to take care of his feathered friends. Peter, working as a payroll administrator, is the helping hand on Saturday, handles the entire administration and the training flights of pigeons. On the day of basketing determine the men together which pigeons go with it to keep the honor of the brothers high.

Our hosts play their showpieces total widowhood with both the cocks and the hens are basketed. Basically, from the first to the last official old birds race all along, what comes out annually by approximately 16 flee. "Over the course of the season, but we'll be keeping pigeons at home. Mostly males from performing hens or birds that indicate they do not fit into the regime ", René indicates. The pigeons get during the season, every day the same amount and composition of food dished.

Linking the pigeons we always do around the January 15. We link then all breeding and racing pigeons. The first eggs of the breeders are then shifted to the racers.

In the selection focuses mainly on the performances, but keeping an eye also to the origins. In addition, annually pigeons guru Gert-Jan Beute asked for its opinion and taken into account its findings in the assessment of a dove.

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