Saturday 05 May 2018 from 1e Middle distance race of the season. Immediately a distance 380 km and then also with a strong NE wind and a nice temperature. All in all, conditions for a spicy vluchtje.

We had training in recent days that stepped up and that was satisfactorily. The cocks flew right around and hens showed a good speed and flew for an hour beautiful their rounds with occasional quick look in De Lutte (2 km) to see that ilk.

Again, almost everything done, and that is totally 56 pigeons, 26 doffers in 30 hens.

Finally, once a release on time, if 08.30 The pigeons were released. As seen in several films a pretty large unloading area where the fat 20.000 Pigeons could leave well. Finally, once a place where all containers could be nice tandem so that the pigeons had plenty of space to leave and come together when not resolve against.

It was expected that the first pigeons would reach a speed of around 70 km per hour. This expectation was nice because of the first birds took to the south of our department a rate of 72 km per hour. The pigeons of us must have a thick 80 km further. In advance you already know that they can not hold that speed with a NE wind.

When we would arrive to the first well 14.00 hour. And indeed 14.05,35 was our 1e dove, from 2 year 16-1173598 hen found. It lasted 2 minutes before the 2e came and then they came back pretty good. At first this time were even cocks. Nice that males also doing well this year.

A bit called around and got by several times the app was evident nonetheless that 1e pigeon perched on time. In making the outcome turned out that the birds had done it perfectly. We had our birds this year no 1e consequences in the society but it was this time so is the case. Even the 2e in 3e place went to our pigeons. Next we had the 6e, 9e, 11e, 12e, 13e, 16e, 17e, 18e, , etc., and with 16 pigeons in the first 27 in our strong association we can still say that it was a super early 1e middle distance race. We also had a very nice price rate 56% (31/56). Click here for the results.

Even our yearling hen, from 17-1741529 which flight 5e stood pigeon champion in the entire department to more than 20.000 pigeon was again right on time. Probably still again she rises one place in the ranking.

Next week Vitesse again a flight to Charleville Mezieres the, Friday night basketing related to Ascension.

Good luck all.

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