Laon 9 juli 2017

Saturday 8 July 2017 already the last middle distance race of the season. We had this time 30 basketed, whose 13 doffers in 17 hens.

It was good weather and the pigeons were also released at 09.00 Laon hours from a distance of 380 km.

About 13.30 h was first flown, this time the 16-1173582 doffer. They came quickly in succession.

This time we had the 4e, 7e, 8e, 10e. 11e etc. of the Association and further 8 pigeons in the first 15. In total 15 of the 30 in the price, yet again a nice percentage of 50% (See results)

Now the end positions can be made we are at the middle distance in the Association 2e mate got behind club Vincent Bonnes. Congratulations Vincent.

also, the 1e Middle distance pigeon, the hen 14-1570455 in 3e Middle distance pigeon, the cock 16-1173600. Both super performance.

The speed championship we are still on the 1e place in the Association.

For the old birds is the season and we go next weekend begin 1e youngsters flight. Hopefully they all come good and we have a good number of boy. We will see what the coming weeks bring us.

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