Laon 6 May 2017

Saturday 6 mei de 1e Middle distance race of the season. The program was Laon, again over a distance for us 380 km and that for the 5e race of the season. The distances grow rapidly.

We had this time 37 basketed, 15 doffers in 22 hens. Still, a nice number for a middle distance race. The whole week the predictions of calling it good for Belgium and the Netherlands but was on the radar can be seen, that there was an area with rain from France. Hopefully it would go all right. Saturday morning it was indeed at the unloading early gorgeous weather and the birds could finally once asked the air. It has been discharged to 07.45 hour. The pigeons were first super departure. The area of ​​rain was there, but still south of the unloading.

The pigeons were released with a calm wind East, The road winds would continue to blow harder and also turned a little to the north east. Overall prospects for a spicy vluchtje. They had each time have had a West or North West wind and then you know it is a tough race. The first pigeons were clocked around in the south of the department 12.00 hour. Because our distance is approx 80 km further you know you are around 13.15 hour clocks should you want to have early birds.

And so it went well, if 13.14 hour came again 2 simultaneously swoops. Right on time because we heard nothing further away. This time both hens and 14-1570425 This time it was the first to cross the antenna. Last week she was already at the first 2 but let them go for enjoying a loft. From 15-1331331 which came flying together went so fast over the antenna that it was not detected. The motivation to go in fast and hard to fly is huge. Rene saw immediately who it was took the dove out of the pen to keep it on the antenna. Time flies but then after 31 the second was also registered. A little later came the 3e Dove already flown, from 16-1173633 Once again a hen.

Then they came out very quickly but it trickled through, whatever you want with a distance of 380 km and a best wind where they had to fly in from. Na 3 hens had found a number of males and yearlings did great. We are still very happy with.

In making the results showed again that they had done the super. This time we had the 1e, 2e, 3e 7e 8e etc. of our strong association. Next we had 11 yearlings in the price and total 21 of the 37 pigeons a good percentage of 57%. (See results) In conjunction with 6 associations had the 2e, 3e in 4e of total 1388 pigeons, an excellent result in some pretty heavy middle distance race. K. en K. Meijers from Ootmarsum had 1e in the interplay, congrats men!

The various championships we are in good shape, Now it is important because so keep. Furthermore, it is nice to see that we are more pigeons in the interplay with the pigeon champions and the best 2 pigeons from us on all flights 2 his yearling cocks. This while the hens do better overall. Nevertheless, it is clear again that the males can also be as long as there is between quality and motivation is present.

This weekend again a middle distance flight and have to Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 419 km.

Good luck all!

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