Saturday 2 juni the 3e Middle distance race of the season. The unloading this time was Laon over a distance of 380 km.

We had this time 45 basketed, namely 18 doffers in 27 hens.

Saturday was the first time still cloudy, even a little rain. At the unloading in France the weather was already good but the fly line it was not ready to resolve early. eventually 13.00 hours it was good enough and the pigeons were released.

The wind was west this time so the speed between the 80 in 90 would lie.

About 17.20,56 the first pigeon was clocked, Once again, this was the 17-1741529. For the 8e time in a row they sat for in the results. Truly a great achievement. From 2e Dove was 16-1173617, a 2 year old cock which is doing well in the middle distance and clocked it work 17.24,01. The birds were then not great at home but most pigeons home base be able to find again.

In the club we had this time 2e, 4e in 9e dove. There's nothing wrong, but the price percentage this time was not great. That should be better next week. Click here for the results

The association is the 17-1741529 Vitesse on top and now the middle distance, na 3 flee tops. In the department she is also good for everything, nice to see and a year old hen.

This weekend the last sprint race of the season and again Quievrain is scheduled.

Good luck all.

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