Saturday 30 May already the 3e flight this season. This time Kerkrade was on the program. A unloading place all the way in the South East of Limburg, never unloaded there before but a nice unloading place over a distance of 177 km. Because we have no losses on the flights we were able to go again 75 pigeons participate. (34 doffers in 41 hens)

The first 2 weeks of this season the wind was blowing in the west, but this time it had really turned to the east. Usually those are tough flights, but the distance is only 177 km and then that is doable. The pigeons were released with a beautiful clear blue sky 08.30 hour. The pigeons had a good departure and they now had to go home on their own.

About 10.47 came first 2 swoops, just like the previous one 2 just another extra week 10,48,09 the first was clocked. This time the birthday cock 19-1338264. Second was the hen 18-1552124, it passed over the antenna so quickly that it was not detected. This forced us to take her out of the loft and hold it over the antenna. The difference is then quite large (42 seconds). After that it took a while but then they came together nicely. One every minute and sometimes also 2 of 3. That is the advantage that so many of our pigeons are on the run. You see them come back beautifully.

We heard from other fanciers that they all got the pigeons later and that was also evident when the result of the association was made in the afternoon, there we had the 1e, 2e, 3e in 4e. Click here for the association arrival list

In the district with 8 associations where in total 2.983 pigeons were basketed we had the 2e, 3e, 11e in 16e . Again a beautiful result.

The price percentage is also good every week, this time it was 60% (75/45) The advantage of a successful flight with good weather is that all pigeons are back in no time and you can focus on the next week.

Probably to Germany next week for the 4e Vitesse flight.

All good luck with the preparations and see you next week.

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