Heusden – Zolder 8 augustus 2015

Saturday 8 August already the 2e price flights for youngsters. Again, it was not easy and it was a slow process. This time it was our teammate Vincent Bonnes which was great the first pigeons. Vincent had 1 t/m 5 the entire circuit from 4.472 pigeons. We ourselves started 6e in 7e in the Association (See results). Also this time it was with us and in almost all other lovers yet another loss of a whole number of pigeons. We were there 45 basketed and at this time we have again 37 Young pigeons in the loft sitting.

This weekend they go to Isnes (257 km). Hopefully a better flight than the 2 last flights. We will join in all weather so they can do the necessary experience for next year.

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