Heusden-Zolder 27 augustus 2016

Saturday 27 August was the 2e Natoer flight this season. This time we had almost everything basketed, both old and all youngsters. In total, there were 66. A nice number.

It would be a tough vluchtje. The wind came from the north east and it was crystal clear. For the experienced pigeons who know the rhythm and have no problem. But for the other pigeons was despite the short distance 183 km a tough one.

So the old hens which came with it were the season well off and some youngsters who are good at rhythm.

The old cocks that have not been with us for almost the entire season came home very moderately and that just shows that you should play the pigeons weekly if possible and have a rhythm to deliver good performances.

In the first 16 was not an old cock. Only old hens and a number of youngsters.

In the association only 4 enthusiasts basketed with a total of 106 pigeons. We had this time 1e t/m of 15e prize in the Association. (Click here for the result).In the Rayon we had the 3e, 8e, 9e, 10e, 15e, 17e etc..

Around about 4400 we even had pigeons 8 pigeons in the first 100. All in all not wrong.

We have played the youngsters enough and we will leave them at home from now on. We will basket a few more times but only with the old cocks and hens.

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