Heusden – Zolder 22 juli 2017

Saturday 22 juli de 2e young bird race of the season. The unloading was this time Heusden - Zolder over a distance of 183 km.

The wind came from the South East, the air was nice (to) blue, and the temperatures ran high. Priori not too best prospects for a 2e youngsters flight.

The pigeons were released at 09.05 hour. It would be an estimated 2 Flying hours are. suddenly 11.09 we saw the first 2, it fell right on the cover and have wasted little time. Then they came back together, almost every minute or one, pretty good back. The first 40 pigeons were also within a half hour after the 1e dove. Thereafter, the dripped slowly by and in the end there are 52 of the 56 come back. On well yet again, like the previous week, a loss of 4 youngsters.

In making the results we were right on time with a number of pigeons. We had this time 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 7e in 8e of the association, and further 17 pigeons in the first 40. Again a neat result (See results).

This weekend again Boxtel, same then 2 weeks ago, just another step back in kilometers so again pigeons boarding.

Hopefully the wind stays down in the west and we get a nice flight with good weather. Slowly begin our pigeons to throw the pins and there are even some that are beginning to throw down the. Saturday Boxtel should still be doable then it will slowly lower the performance but that is logical because we have not eclipsed this year.

Success again all and until next week.

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