Heusden – Zolder 16 april 2016

Last Saturday the carrier pigeons were released in Heusden – Zolder. For our pigeons away 183 km. We were there 38 basketed. ( 9 doffers in 29 hens) There was a strong SW wind. Ze will be drawn om 08.45 hour. From 1e dove of ours the 12-1195362 arrived at exactly 10.20 hour. Unfortunately, she kept going in circles high in the air, partly because a strange pigeon continued to fly with it, and she flew down after a good minute. When she landed on the valve, she was in such a hurry that she was not registered by the antenna. Quickly into the cage to get her and in the end she had lost a minute and a half. A pity, but that is also pigeon sport and sometimes also part of it. She still took the 3e in the Association.

The pigeons that came after that also turned their rounds but were also well off. Our club member Vincent Bonnes had the 1e in 2e in the Association and has also made a very nice result. It went on very quickly and inside 10 minutes the prices were divided (See results).

This weekend they are going to Duffel and it will be a cold weekend. Hopefully the air and the view is such that they can be unloaded. The wind is expected to turn to the north so they really have to do something to get home. Good luck all!

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