Heusden – Zolder 15 april 2017

Saturday 15 April was on the program Heusden in Zolder. We had a total of 44 pigeons basketed. 19 doffers in 25 hens.

The weather forecast was not the best. It would clear up in the north and the middle of the Netherlands and the rain would move away to Germany via the southeast and Belgium. And our pigeons from department 9 were in the east of Belgium and then you already know in advance that it will be an afternoon release. In the Netherlands it was good pigeon weather. In Belgium it also got better in the afternoon and that's why the pigeons were 13.30 hour unloaded. when we got around 13.30 After looking at the radar for an hour, we saw that there was still quite a lot of clouds in Belgium and that the visibility was not too good yet. When we then saw on the department site that the pigeons had a moderate departure, we knew enough. That's going to be a tough flight.

Through the app we received the first messages of times what time they arrive in the Achterhoek (around 3) arrived. Letting go of a simple calculation meant that they were with us at about 15.37 hour had to come. When the first to 15.35 hour sitting with us at the clock, we knew that this hen 2016-1173637 it was right on time. We then 8 minutes had to wait for our 2e dove that was a lot less. Then they were not smoothly and over a distance of 183 km. Normally they have such a flight fifteen minutes after the first is largely home. But unfortunately. It trickled through it but there were still several minutes or between they came. So all in all not a good arrivals. Little about and called again and then you hear that this was the same everywhere. Too bad it is not otherwise. Probably they all sides flown to the discharge but not the right way. Perhaps still unloaded early and not wait until it was really good pigeon weather. It was almost all other pigeons in front instead of our expected pigeons.

When making the result, we had the 3e pigeon of the association and after that we already went to the 24e of the association with our 2e dove (See results). Our club member Vincent Bonnes had the 1e and later also turned out to be the 1e in the whole circle 2 to have. Vincent congratulations.

This weekend the pigeons will go to Asse Zellik. Hopefully it will be a "normal flight" again . We will see.

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