Saturday 17 August, there was a flight from Duffel scheduled.

The prospects were not good. Saturday and Sunday, lots of rain and little sunshine, so cloudy and it was questionable whether the birds would be released.

We had this time been left at home all the old cocks. Who every weekend from April was, and so have the necessary flights. All the old hens, 29 pieces plus all 24 youngsters were so bad. In total 53.

On Saturday, the day the weather was bad and it was postponed to Sunday. Finally, it was discharged to 14.45 hour. (hindsight still again for a half hour early). Friday has already decided to drive out to Duffel but to Tilburg. Again, it was not ultimately Gorinchem became the unloading point. The rain came down when the pigeons had to come. In the western half of the department it was good, but further east it got worse. Unfortunately it is no different.

About 16.22,26 was the 1e pigeon clocked, this time the hen, 18-1552126. As 2e a year old pigeon and the 19-1338327. After that we had to wait a few minutes for the 3e in 4e dove.

About 20 minutes after the 1e pigeon was there we saw the clearances come to us. Beautiful clear skies came and the sun was visible again. From that moment the pigeons arrived. Fortunately they were 17.30 hour all pigeons back, so also all 24 youngsters. These are getting better every week.

In the association we had the 1e in 2e and further the 6e place. Also 14 pigeons in the first 22 in the association. Furthermore, a nice price percentage of 59% (31/53) (See results)

Duffel is on the program again next week. As the prospects are now, that should be fine.

Until next week.


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