Fay at the Loges (Orleans)

The one-day long distance race was again postponed on Sunday, so it went to Monday. (long since there was a flight on Monday)

Finally it was good weather on Monday with the release and the pigeons were changed 07.00 hour unloaded. Here we had 27 done there. For us a large number on a one-day long distance flight. These were 9 doffers in 18 hens.

The release went well, but unfortunately these pigeons encountered several showers, especially in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, they came to us well. From 1e was our 3e drawn, from 17-1741506, 3 old hen, who almost always does it right. So now again. Well on time. As 2e pigeon was ours 1e drawn, from 4 year old cock 16-1173634, this cock was the last 2 weeks like 1e passed over the antenna. So now 2e from the loft. so 3 weeks in a row very early in the results. The other pigeons also came off well, almost every minute and that over a distance of more than 600 km.

We had in the association 4e, 5e, 6e, in 8e place (See results). Place 1, 2 in 3 were for Vincent Bonnes. Great achievement by Vincent.

We also had a nice prize percentage on this flight 70% (19 / 27)

All in all it was a long wait this weekend but the pigeons have not let us down.

This weekend a middle distance race from Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 415 km. We have to check on basketting on Thursday whether we will participate again or whether we will leave some at home. We will see.

Until next week.


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