Saturday 8 juni the 6e Sprint race of the season 2019.

Again, a nice number and it 54 basketed, 22 doffers in 32 hens.

It would be a flight with incredibly high speeds, The wind was full (wind 5) was out of the SW and the distance 330 km.

'S was morning there were showers and there met with resolve. The solution was eventually 13.00 hour.

In the past, we sometimes had to speed 130 km per hour. This we expect now. Then it around 15.30 hours are that the former would be.

But it went even faster, About 15.25,23 was with us 1e found. Amazing what a speed, a fat 136 km per hour. Too bad that when the first came the rain came pouring down, but good luck did you.

Thereafter, it was rapidly super-, inside 11 minutes we had 22 and returned after half an hour they were all there.

It was for us a flight where other birds arrived on head, the pigeons were a week early just now were not in the price, This also has to do with such a flight, other wind, High rates than other pigeons ahead.

We had in the association 2e, 3e, 5e, 6e, 8e etc., and further 17 pigeons in the first 43. Also 22 pigeons in the price of the 54, for such flight still an attractive rate 41%. Click here for the results.

This weekend a middle distance race. Thursday basketing again and then sat back but look how it goes.

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