Saturday 13 June again a vitess flight from Etroeungt over a distance of 330 km. Again everything with it and there were this time 73. (32 doffers in 41 hens). The weather looked good and that is why we unloaded 07.45 hour. With a bit of south wind that later turned to the southwest, it would be a fairly fast flight again.

It took even longer than we thought 11.46 h was first flown. This time a one year old cock, from 19-1338264. A pigeon came almost every minute. We expected that it would go faster but when we called around a bit, it turned out that they were okay with us. There were enthusiasts who had 1 early pigeon and sometimes had to wait 15 minutes for no. 2. Some enthusiasts started with the 1e pigeon half an hour later than with us. If you then receive a pigeon almost every minute, they have done it perfectly afterwards. In the club we had this time 3e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e in 10 dove (See results)

In the district we started this time with the 5e dull against 3400 pigeons. Vincent Bonnes again had the 1e and even the 2e place in society. Vincent congratulations. In the Rayon we had 47 of the 73 basketed pigeons in the price, this time a very nice percentage of almost 65%. This means that we have a very wide base of pigeons that almost all can fly prize.

This weekend the 1e middle distance race of this season. Basketting already on Thursday evening. As it is now they all go along again.

Good luck with the preparation and see you next week.

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