"Extreme Midfondclub Division 9 2014″ and "For Sale Youngsters' from all our racers 2014.

Extreme Midfondclub Division 9 2014” in "For Sale Youngsters"From all our racers 2014.

Last Saturday the Postduiven would go to France, but they were again bad weather finally brought back to Deurne and were unloaded there to 15.45 hour. Deurne for us 126 km. They were also all quickly back. Because they were unloaded in the Netherlands was also this race do not count for the Championship.

The final positions of the Middle Distance Club are thus now also known. We are finally on the 4 remaining flights "Emperor Champion" become the Middle Distance Club (See fulltime). After we had already become champion at Vitesse in the Unassigned Championship in the Department, this is a great continuation of the Middle Distance. We are also in first place in the final ranking of the pigeon champions 50 Champions Club pigeon middle distance and there are well counted 7 from us at. “Super” (See fulltime pigeon champions)

We have the pigeons last Saturday (12 juli) no longer separated and have the cocks and hens as reward good left together. We had exactly 25 Doffers in 25 Hens. The eggs will be laid in week 30 in 31, thus between 21 Juli 30 juli.

Lovers who have an interest in these eggs, So boy out our best racers (See rash Pigeon Champions) , can contact us through our website or by phone with one of us. The eggs can then in the first, second week (in consultation) August 2014 being picked up.

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