Final Standings Natour 2014

The racing season 2014 is done. Our pigeons have Natoer ended in a dignified manner. Until the last race they did a great. We are in our circle 2 Department 9 both 1e nominated together 1e become designated champion (See fulltime). In the circle of Pigeon Champions stand or counted 4 pigeons and still in place 1 t/m 4. The first 3 pigeons have missed and were all 6 flights well in prices. Our 12-5201763 which up to and including the 5e Natoer topped flight was the last flight to the last of our loft. The first 5 they flee, however, had already collected so many points that they may eventually 4e of the entire circuit has become. All in all a perfect result of all our hens.

It is now time to give our birds rest and making sure that they come well through the moult so they 2015 again well may be at the start.

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