Saturday 24-08-2019 the 4e Nature's flight on the program.

We have now also left all old hens at home, they may still nicely come on eggs, then it is time for the moult.

So only the youngsters were there, in total 25. Fortunately, these have gained the necessary experience in recent weeks because it would be quite a tough flight again.

Due to the strong inversion, unloading was only possible 09.00 hour. It was a warm day, clear blue sky and the wind came from the southeast. Because of the many birds that go weekly in the west of our department with, you know in advance that it was a difficult day will be for the inexperienced youngsters.

Rijssen, Nijverdal and Daarlerveen (west of our department) the pigeons were super, lovers with a price rate between the 80% and almost 100%. Great results there.

When we arrived, the pigeons also quite good. The first birds flew almost 3 hour, and that over a distance of 220 km.

We had 2e, 4e, 5e, 7e in 8e of the association, and further 15 of the 25 pigeons in the price. Again, a very attractive rate 60% (See results)

Unfortunately, there were several fans who did not get well the youngsters and where again his many losses.

Next week 5e Natour flight and this from Bierges. Hopefully it gets a little colder and the wind will blow from the west. We will see.

Good luck all.

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