Saturday 1 June 2024 Charleville was on the programme. From 4e sprint flight this year.

For the umpteenth time this year, the weather forecasts were not great. That is why it was advised to take a flight further to the west of Belgium. This time the pigeons went to Bierges. On Saturday the weather was such that unloading could not take place and it was decided to come a little closer and have a flight from Duffel on Sunday. It wasn't great on Sunday either, but in the end it was possible 11.15 hours to be unloaded.

A north to north west wind was blowing. Visibility was good along the entire flight line and it could be a nice flight. The pigeons were first round 14.00 am expecting.

We had 44 pigeons participated and yes 20 doffers in 24 hens. This time it was a very nice flight for our pigeons. They came back great. From 1e pigeon was clocked at 14.00,44, a year old hen, from 23-9037057, It's always nice that birthday pigeons also do well.

Then they came back very quickly, inside 10 minutes after the first were already there 24 passed the antennas. This time they finally all came from the right direction. This is of course also mainly due to the NW wind.

In the association we had the 2e, 3e 6e in 7e dove (See results), in the district 2.208 pigeons we had the 4e, 6e, 12e in 13e dove. so 4 pigeons in the first 13 against 2.208 pigeons. Amazingly good. Furthermore, we were happy that the cocks were also there this time, it almost went back and forth. Then another hen and then another cock.

The price percentage was also very high and amounted to 80%. (44 , and 35 in the price)

All in all a perfect flight. In the association, the win this time went to Peter Wolbers, very nicely done Peter and congratulations on this one 1e price.

This weekend a middle distance race. Basketing again on Thursday evening, as it seems now, that's what we do 40 with. Hopefully the weather will improve a bit and the wind will remain in the Westhoek so that we get nice fresh air with good views.

good luck everyone.

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