Saturday 28 August 3e Natoer flight from Burdinne over a distance of 236 km.

Last week all pigeons came back from the flight, that's why we're here again 76 could basketing. (26 doffers, 26 hens and 24 youngsters)

The weather forecast was not great. Lots of clouds and numerous showers on the east side of the Netherlands and Belgium. That is why the department already decided on Friday evening not to go to Burdinne, but to Duffel in the west. The distance remained about the same, a little less even, Duffel is for us 219 km.

Fortunately, on Saturday morning it was immediately good at the release point and the pigeons were released at 8.45 hour. At that time it was not good on the east side of the Netherlands and it had been raining for some time. In the course of the morning it got a bit better, but it wasn't really great. It was dry but the sun did not break through the clouds. Furthermore, a reasonable wind was blowing from the North. All in all, conditions for a spicy vluchtje. It had to be doable for all our pigeons because even the youngsters already have the necessary experience.

Due to the N wind, the speed was not too high and would be around 70 kilometers per hour. About 11.53,20 we have 1e pigeon clocked. This time a 2 year old cock, from 19-1338340. We had almost 5 minutes on our 2e dove wait, that is quite long for such a short flight and so many pigeons. It was clear that it was not easy for them along the way. But luckily after the 2e they came back in one after the other. It didn't go as smoothly as the first 2 weeks but still ended well.

This time all pigeons returned quickly, namely to 14.03 hours the last old cock went over the antenna and we could close the flaps of the lofts. This was different with other fanciers who brought inexperienced youngsters. Unfortunately, several pigeons did not come home there.

We had this time 1e pigeon in the Association with further 7 pigeons in the first 10. A super result. Next we had 52 of the 76 pigeons in the price. Again a nice percentage of 68% (See results)

There are still 2 to go flights. Arlon is on the program next weekend. A fat 300 km, again with a N to NE wind but hopefully with better skies than last week. Could be another nice flight.

Good luck to all with the preparations.

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