Saturday 4 juli 2020 were he 2 flights for old pigeons. A vitesse flight and a one-day long distance flight.

The weather was not so good this weekend. Lots of clouds and showers on the entire flight line. We had hoped that they would be released on Saturday, but the IBW put a stop to that. So both flights are postponed to Sunday. Sunday was also not great with the weather so eventually the Vitesse flight to 13.50 was unloaded for an hour.

The trucks had already driven a bit back and forth, but unloading took place in Duffel on Sunday. We had on the short distance 47 pigeons basketed. (24 doffers in 23 hens)With a strong SW wind it would be a fast flight again. The first pigeon of ours achieved a speed of 131 km per hour. Due to the strong wind, the pigeons could not come down well and they kept turning around. All pigeons were home within half an hour of the first. We got them pretty good.

From 1e pigeon was again a cock, this time the 4 year old cock 16-1173617 who was clocked at 15.30,07. This cock was 1e in the association and 2e in the district against 1800 pigeons. A great achievement. Next we had the 4e, 5e, 6e, in 10e of the association (See results) The price percentage was also good again. 27 of the 47 pigeons had price, a percentage of almost 58%.

The stands of the Vitesse can now also be made up. There are only this year 3 speedvluchten. We are back with the large number of pigeons that we play every week 1e become unassigned in the Rayon with 8 associations. We also finished high at the designated championship, there we are on a nice 2e place in the district. All in all, no wrong end positions.


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