Duffel 2 May 2015

Throughout the week the predictions for Saturday were particularly good. And if it then Saturday comes true then you already looking forward to a nice Saturday with hopefully many early birds.

It was truly beautiful pigeon weather. Beautiful blue skies with white clouds. Almost no wind so they had to fly home on their own strength. We had itself at a speed of 80 imagined km per hour but it is accelerating.

Ze will be drawn om 09.45 hours at a distance of 257 km and the first pigeon was clocked at 12.46 hour. So just over 3 hours so that the speed amounted to 85 km. per hour. It happened so fast with the first ones that we are within one minute all 7 had in the clock. They were really great back. Within 7 minutes we had already 27 of the 40 basketed pigeons. Within half an hour they were all 40 back and the valves of the pens could close.

We knew straight away that the first 7 pigeons were on time because we had no other seen flying dove yet.

In the evening when making our association results it turned out that our pigeons had performed fantastic. We had 1 t/m 8 in the association and be counted 20 pigeons in the first 43. And that in a club with some good lovers like a V. Good, J. Bekkedam a G. Steunebrink. (See results)

In our Rayon was our fellow villager G. Spitshuis us just before. Gerald had dit keer de 1e in 2e of the whole. (Congratulations)

Next we had in our department 9 against 28.254 pigeons counted 7 pigeons in the first 88.

Overall a great Saturday and on to the next this weekend with the first flight from St Middle Distance. Quentin with a distance of 378 km. As the expectations are now entering the wind blowing from the swimming so that will be a fast vluchtje again.

Everybody success.

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