We also had the last middle distance race of the season, namely from Dudelange over a distance of 324 km.

We had done everything again, and that is total 38, 16 doffers in 22 hens.

The old birds were liberated at 08.00 hour, also a nice time and 324 km a reasonable distance with this hot weather.

Also in this race we calculated that we around 12.30 hours should sit for an early bird. What surprised us, if 12.24 the first was already flown. This time our 2e drawn, a cock, from 16-1173607. If you 12 minutes to wait for the 2e dove than you know in advance all that it must be a super early bird. It took the 3e came but then it came back good old birds.

All 38 pigeons were home quickly so that the door could close, that's always a good feeling that everything is home.

When the results were made proved once again how our early 1e sat dove. We had to 12 minute wait for our 2 dove and was even 2e in the association.(See results).

After evening had sent all the associations we found our 16-1173607 also the 1e place conquered in our circle of department. Perfectly done so the 607.

All in all a great weekend with a lot of early price doves by the youngsters and a very early pigeon at the old birds.

The old birds are sitting together and allowed on eggs.

The youngsters we have separated (doffers / hens) to try them at home to keep flying.

This weekend the youngsters go to Tongeren. (199 km)

Good luck all.

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