Saturday 6 June finally 1e prize flight this season from Dreis-Bruck in Germany over a distance of 229 km.

About the first 3 We had no losses yet and therefore we were able to go there again 76 join. (35 doffers in 41 hens)

This time there was very early unloading, and this for 06.50 hour. This has not happened in recent years. The discharge committee had to choose between either very early or early afternoon because of a zone with rain that traveled over the south of the Netherlands from west to east.. The north of the department was therefore released at 06.50 hour and the South of the department at last 13.15 hour. The wind was southwest and it would therefore be a quick flight again. We had the first pigeons to be good 9.00 hour expected but it took until 09,14.20 hours before the 1e dove, the birthday hen 19-1338336 was about the antenna. The course was not special at first, probably too much annoyance from the showers in Limburg and the Achterhoek. Between the 6e in 7e pigeon was more than with us 7 minutes and that over a distance of 229 km. That is not a normal course of such a short flight.

For good half 10, so about half an hour later than the first they came at once in a row. They probably flew around with showers in large groups.
In the club we had this time 2e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 8e in 9e (See results) with further half in prizes in the district. (37 / 76) This time Vincent Bonnes took the honor of the 1e place.

About 11.00 hours were there 74 of the 76 back in the loft, the other 2 have not come back yet.

This coming weekend there will be a departmental discharge from Etroeungt over a distance of 330 km with probably more than 20.000 pigeons, a very nice number. This year for the first time in France. As expected now, once NO wind. Would be nice once but we'll see.

Good luck again this weekend.

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