Dizy le Gros

Saturday 20 June then the 1e Middle distance flight of this season over a distance of 368 km. Everything went along again, and there were in total this time 72, 32 doffers in 40 hens.

It promised to be a very nice Saturday, the pigeons had trained well and the weather was beautiful for the pigeons, not too hot, beautiful clear blue skies with white clouds and a calm west wind.

Initially there would be unloading at 8.00 o'clock but because it was still raining at the unloading place, we had to wait a while. but to 8.15 according to the release committee, it was good enough and the pigeons were launched.

The first times of pigeons from the Achterhoek came to us. We also immediately saw that things did not go very smoothly with those enthusiasts. If we wanted an early pigeon, they had to go for it 12.30 hours are. Exactly 12.26 hour came one swoops. Unfortunately, another round of extra, and then on the roof of the pigeon loft, and then again on the roof of the house and after half a minute finally on the flap for the loft so that it was observed to 12.26,48. This time it was an old one 4 year old cock the 16-1173634. At that time we already knew that it had to be a very early pigeon.

We also immediately received times from a devotee from De Lutte, and that turned out to be a pigeon from Johnny Bekkedam and Martin Blockhuis 12.25,18 be clocked. So he was just ahead of us, but both very early. (Johnny and Martin congratulations on the 1e in the association and 2e in the department). We had to 19 minute wait for the 2e dove. At that moment you already know that it is not a nice flight. When the 2e pigeon there was the rest came pretty smoothly.

Called around a bit and then you also hear that the release went very badly. Apparently a small group immediately went in the right direction, but the majority of them kept wandering around above the unloading site. What turned out, there was still heavy cloud so that they could not orient themselves properly. What a pity she left after the rain 8.00 hours not have waited another hour but right away 8,15 have released the pigeons for an hour. From 9.00 hours it was perfect at the unloading place and beautiful weather along the way. Every now and then you ask yourself whether the release committee does not have radar images at hand, because then this would not have happened. It was very clear in the morning that heavy clouds hung above the unloading site, but would soon move eastwards. It is really a pity that this is still happening at the present time. Because with a middle distance flight from 368 km and wind have to go up in prices 10 minutes. Now the prices were there for almost an hour.

When making the result, we had one 2e, 7e, 9e in 10e in the association (See results). We also had in the district 27 of the 72 pigeons in the price. After all associations submitted their files, we still had the 3e of the entire department 9 to almost 20.000 pigeons. That is of course a very nice result.

This weekend the 2e middle distance flight from Nanteuil over a distance of 463 km. (for some departments this is already a one day long distance but for us this means a middle distance race).

It will be very hot in the coming days, but hopefully the wind will turn west on Saturday so that there will be a fresh breeze so that it cools slightly and the pigeons do not get too heavy. The following weekend is already the first one-day long distance flight over a distance of more than 600km!

Good luck with the preparation and see you next week.

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