Dizy le Gros / Beek en Donk

Dizy le Gros

Saturday 20 August again 5e youngsters this year's flight from Dizy le Gros over a distance of 368 km.

We had 37 pigeons basketed. A nice number to play with. Because it wasn't right in the morning, we had to wait until 11.15 hours to unload.
From 1e pigeon was clocked at 15.49,30 hour, this one was right on time. It was the 22-8162024 hen. Soon after that came the 2e dove and she was clocked at 15.50,23.
From 3e in 4e pigeon also came back quickly but after that it didn't really go very smoothly. The distance starts to count now.

We had the 2e, 3e in 6e pigeon from the association and also grabbed these in the district with 7 associations de 2e in 3e place (See results). A super achievement.

Despite the slow progress, there are still 34 of the 37 pigeons came home. These still have a few flights credit.

Beek en Donk

Also this Saturday was the 1e Natur flight of this season from Beek en Donk over a distance of 127 km.

we still had 5 youngsters that came back later and that we have now raced.

The pigeons were released to 10.50 hour. About 12.25,00 was clocked first and the 2e was there for 12.26,31.
Both beautiful early pigeons in the results. Our 1e pigeon grabbed another 3e in the association (See results)

Until next week.

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